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After the success achieved with the R-70, ROFF Industries decided to introduce the ROFF R-10 – a compact maize mill that can produce super maize meal at 24 ton per day and 540 ton per month.

“The R-10 is ideal for any entrepreneur that would like to enter the maize meal market on a small scale, without compromising on quality” says ROFF Industries’ director, Isak de Necker. The R-10 offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to enter the retail market with a machine that truly delivers a competitive advantage with top quality maize meal and excellent extraction rates.


Roff R-10 Compact Maize Mill 1 ton per hour
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This new design is smaller, making it a complete maize mill packaged in the R-10 box. “It’s challenging to design a cost effective small mill, as you still need all the milling processes of a large mill to ensure the same top-quality maize meal – but we have a team of  designers dedicated to innovation – and they succeeded with the R-10”, says Charl Marais, managing director of ROFF Industries.

The R-10 is almost half the size of the R-70 and occupies only 80m2 – which makes it ideal for smaller operations. It can also be instrumental in serving small communities through community based mills where consumers will have the access to top quality maize meal they deserve.

Another advantage of the R-10 is that it’s based on a containerised mill, which means it can easily been traded in with ROFF when the entrepreneur is ready to upgrade his R-10 to a R-70.

As with the R-70, ROFF Industries offer complete assistance, from supplying to project management and full turnkey services. The installation of the R-10 can be completed within 10 days and pre-assembly takes place in the ROFF factory to ensure quality.

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The R-10 is simple yet functional and comes standard with a surge bin for dirty maize intake, cleaning and conditioning equipment (with a conditioning bin), degermination, milling, sifting, conveyors, packing bins, electrical panel, electrical cabling, a dust extraction system and all steel structures. The only components the client have to provide is the building, a water point and electrical supply to the panel. The R-10 box contains everything you need to process maize into quality maize meal. Like all ROFF mills, the R-10 is reliable and the operation is low maintenance and efficient. Clients will also enjoy the full support of the Roff Service team.

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If you are looking for a means of making maize milling easy and to have a competitive advantage over your competition, then the R-10 is for you.

 To learn more and find out how the R10 can benefit you, contact us sales@ or +27 (0)56 212 2697